What Is the Procedure To Get Dental Crowns?

What Is the Procedure To Get Dental Crowns?

If you need dental crowns that are a tooth-shaped cap placed over the tooth you may search for dentists that can provide dental crowns near you which would be justified as you may not want to travel far and wide for the placements. The procedure of placing dental crowns in your mouth may also concern you because of your fear of the dentist. However, if you are prepared to have the crowns placed in your mouth you may as well obtain dental crowns in Houston from one of the leading practitioners in the region. The procedure of placing the dental crowns will depend on the kind of situation your mouth is in. You will, however, be required to visit the dentist a couple of times before the crowns are placed on the tooth.

Let us now consider the reasons why you may be needing a dental crown.

Several situations can be restored by using dental crowns and the most common among them are the following:

  • You could be having large fillings in a cavity or fracture that is involving half the width of the tooth making the tooth weaker and susceptible to fractures.
  • You may have undergone root canal treatment which would have left your tooth hallowed making the remaining part susceptible to cracking.
  • Crowns are also helpful to overcome the syndrome of a cracked tooth which has left you with fractures inside a tooth to cause pain. A crown is capable of holding the tooth together and redistributing the stress evenly throughout the tooth to eliminate pain in most cases.
  • You may also be having broken cusps, and undesirable appearance of your teeth, or excessive wear which may have made your teeth shorter.

These reasons would be taking you to the dentist offering dental crowns in Houston, TX to make sure the condition of your mouth improves along with your appearance.

The Procedure For Getting A Crown

The dentist offering dental crowns in Houston will initially numb the tooth with local anesthesia. If the tooth has suffered fractures or undergone a root canal treatment a buildup will be required before the procedure begins. The buildup is a filling to restore a portion of the tooth for the crown to hold itself. The dentist will make room for the crown by shaving the tooth before taking an impression of the prepared tooth using different methods available to them. You can expect the dentist to determine the shade of your teeth by taking pictures of them to help the lab technician makes crowns that will match the rest of your teeth. A temporary crown will be made from acrylic material or resin by using a molding of the original tooth. The temporary crown will be cemented in place using temporary cement to make sure it can come off easily when the permanent crown is ready for placement.

You will be required to return for a second visit after a few weeks. During this visit, you may or may not be administered local anesthesia for removing the temporary crown. After the removal, the permanent crown will be placed on the tooth and inspected for the bite, fit and smooth margins. The crown will be cemented in place after making any adjustments that are deemed necessary with permanent dental cement.

Is Getting Dental Crowns Painful?

The procedure for getting dental crowns is not painful when the tooth is being restored because it is numbed. You will be given a shot of local anesthetic which is likely to leave you with some sensitivity and soreness in the gums around the tooth. The pain is however minimal and should not remain with you long enough.

Getting dental crowns is a procedure used by many people to rectify deficiencies with their teeth. Dentists all over Houston are capable and experienced to provide dental crowns by causing you the least pain. If your fear of visiting the dentist is holding you back you and request for sedation dentistry which is helpful to relieve you from any stress or anxiety to make the procedure comfortable for you. Getting dental crowns in Houston, TX will improve your appearance and also provide you relief from any pain you are suffering because of the conditions spoken about earlier. Therefore rather than remain concerned about the procedure you should prepare yourself to visit the dentist for the dental crowns in Houston.

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