The iTero® Digital Impression System Provides Orthodontists with the Best Technology Available

The iTero® Digital Impression System Provides Orthodontists with the Best Technology Available

Orthodontists have for long relying on dental impressions when dealing with patients but the procedure has conventionally been and comfortable and messy. Present-day technology is providing orthodontists with an opportunity to offer a digital approach for capturing accurate impressions of your teeth and jaw by eliminating the bulky trays when capturing impressions of the patient’s teeth. The iTero® digital scanner is allowing them to capture the images they need while providing a comfortable and accurate experience for the patient. Patients are also benefiting from the technology because they are unable to fully understand the recommended treatment and the orthodontist is also in a position to explain the treatment plan in greater detail.

iTero® Offers Advanced Optical Technology

Advanced optical technology is enabling orthodontists to capture dimensions of the teeth and gums with a handheld scanner making it easier for them to display the images on a computer screen that can be viewed instantly. This technology has eliminated the need for radiation but can capture details of the mouth to render an accurate 3D model. The imaging technology can be applied to any orthodontic procedure and is even suggested for Invisalign®.

iTero® Is Comfortable, Accurate and Precise

When you visit the dentist in Houston, TX, for orthodontic treatment you are placing the health of your smile in their hands. They accept the responsibility of providing you with the best and most successful treatments presently available. They are motivated to perform at a level while being sensitive to your personal needs and comfort. With the iTero® digital impression system in Houston, TX, they can ensure that the treatment is rendered with accuracy and precision while protecting the comfort of the patient. Patients will not be subjected to any gagging, bad tastes and no mess to clean from their faces after the appointment.

After the digital impression has been captured they can leave you and critique the image acquired in real-time to confirm it meets their high standards. This ensures that the patient will not sitting in the dentist’s chair with the impression material in their mouth and will even be capable of taking breaks between pictures if needed.

iTero® Allowing Orthodontists to Communicate with Other Dental Professionals

The dentist at Houston, TX, frequently needs to communicate with other dental professionals during the patient’s treatment. Digital impressions and images are helping them to share clinical information with the patient’s family dentist as well as dental laboratories they are partnering with without waiting for the mailman to collect the impressions obtained from this revolutionary technology. They are all working as a team on behalf of the patient but taking help from digital technology which is making the entire process more efficient.

How Can Patients Get More Information about Orthodontics and iTero® Digital Impressions?

Choosing orthodontic treatments can be an important decision. Researching the options available online can help patients become familiar with what is available but to understand how their unique case will be treated will be a different matter altogether which will require an orthodontic evaluation. The dentist in Houston, TX, recommends an orthodontic evaluation at their clinic where they will assess your case take digital impressions with the iTero® digital impression system at their clinic and explain the treatment options available in language patients will be able to understand easily.

The iTero® system is not just used at the beginning of the orthodontic treatment but is used regularly to track the patient’s progress in dual view mode which can display the present the treatment progress of the patient besides the projected final result. The orthodontist will be using a similar concept in more technical and granular detail with the ability to analyze the progress in terms of anterior and posterior correction for guiding the treatment process and making adjustments whenever required for reaching results close to the stimulated final positions.

Orthodontists have been using the outdated method of collecting images of their patient’s mouths are now making use of the iTero® digital impression system which is making it easier for them to obtain the images they need and even share them with their colleagues as and when required.

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