Oral Cancer Screenings in Houston, TX

Did you know that over 50,000 Americans will be diagnosed with oral or oropharyngeal cancer this year alone? Of those 50,000+, only about 80% of these patients will survive. While oral cancer may not be one of the ones we often hear about, that doesn’t make it any less deadly. In fact, due to most patients being diagnosed later rather than earlier, their prognosis is worse. When it comes to treating oral cancer, it is best to diagnose and begin early for the best outcomes. When is the last time you had an oral cancer screening? Contact WellSmiles today to schedule your oral cancer screening in Houston.

About Oral Cancer Screenings

Would you know how to spot the signs of oral cancer if you had them? Most patients wouldn’t either! At WellSmiles we have the tools, experience and knowledge to properly diagnose oral cancer. During your oral cancer screening, your dentist will provide both a visual and physical assessment, looking at your gums, tongue, lips and overall oral health to see if there are any spots, rough areas or other common signs of oral cancer. During the physical examination, your dentist will feel around your mouth, lips, jaw and even face to check for any abnormal growths or spots. In the event that your dentist notices any risk factors, you will be referred to a specialist for more thorough testing and potential treatment.

How Often Should I Get Oral Cancer Screenings?

At WellSmiles we recommend oral cancer screenings during routine appointments (about twice a year). They take only a few minutes and could greatly increase your chance of survival.

Importance of Oral Cancer Screenings

As mentioned above, early diagnosis of oral cancer can greatly increase a patient’s survival rate.

Schedule Your Houston Oral Cancer Screening Today

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