Mouthguards in Houston, TX

If you are an athlete, when was the last time that you got a mouth, head or neck injury? The answer to that question is probably too often! With that in mind, it is your responsibility to make sure that your mouth and teeth are covered when putting on the rest of your uniform. All too often is a mouthguard not included as an essential part of an overall uniform no matter which sport you play. Mouthguards, however, are not only for athletes. Those suffering from bruxism, TMJ, TMJ, and sleep apnea all benefit from using a mouthguard. Let’s take a look at your options and how you can remain safer while using mouthguards in Houston sports and other activities.

Why Are Mouthguards So Important?

Mouthguards have proven time and time again to be extremely important to athletes and patients that have pre-existing dental conditions such a sleep apnea, TMJ, and bruxism. In particular, for athletes, mouthguards are an extremely important part of the daily uniform that you should put on in order to keep your teeth safe. In a similar manner, for those with bruxism, for example, a mouth guard protects your teeth from the grinding and clenching effects of this disorder, and TMJ. For a sleep apnea patient, a mouth guard is able to keep the airways unobstructed in the mouth in order to get a better night sleep without the need of a CPAP machine.

You Have More than One Option for Mouthguards

As stated above, there are athletic mouthguards, and there are overnight mouthguards. Each of them has options available at a local pharmacy, wherein you can find one that is not customized to your particular set of teeth. However, it is important to know that customizable dental appliances are best, as they are specifically made for you, and will not move during gameplay or sleep.

Get Your Very Own Customized Retainer in Houston Today!

One of the best ways to receive and use your mouthguard is by means of a customized tray that can pop in and out of your mouth with ease. This is done through customization process that will give you the mouthguard you’ve always needed but maybe never knew about. If you’re looking for somewhere to get your customized mouthguard made, look no further than WellSmiles. We would love the opportunity to help you get fitted for a crucial part of your uniform. With all that in mind, don’t hesitate any longer! Give our office a call or send us an email to get your mouthguard as soon as possible!

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