Digital X-Rays in Houston, TX

At WellSmiles, we know that having the right equipment to perform precision dentistry is important not only to our commitment to excellence in patient care, but to our patients’ comfort, as well. That’s why we settle for nothing than the best digital radiography equipment to diagnose and treat dental problems that are not yet visually apparent.

Safer Technology Translates to Happier Smiles

All one has to do is look back into history to appreciate the value that x-rays provided as a diagnostic tool. But now, state-of-the-art digital x-rays are making technology even safer and more beneficial than ever before.

Comfortable and Precise: Two Major Advantages of Digital X-Rays

Gone are the days of patients having to endure uncomfortable time in the dentist’s chair while the technician inserts bulky devices into their mouths and asks them to wait patiently as they step away to take the x-ray. And then the moments of unknown certainty. Would the image turn out readable, or would the process have to be repeated to hopefully improve the image? Now, with precision digital x-rays, a small, pain-free electronic sensor is placed in the mouth of patients to capture the necessary image which can be immediately called up on a computer screen for instant viewing.

But Wait… There are Even More Advantages to Digital X-Rays

Comfort and precision are reasons for patients to seek out a dentist who provides digital x-rays – but there are even more benefits. First, because radiology film is not used during a digital x-ray procedure, no toxic chemicals are needed to process the image. And second, should you ever need your digital x-rays sent to a specialist, they are far easier to file share than old-fashioned methods.

Your Safety is Our Concern at WellSmiles

There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration in regard to any diagnostic or treatment plan — and every patient’s needs will be different, which means there may be times when other methods of imaging will need to be employed. But our over-arching commitment to you is that you can rest assured that we will always make your safety our top priority.

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