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Dentures, like all dental appliances, will require repair, especially if in function for a long period. The materials used in the making of dentures will wear and erode over time.

The doctors and the oral healthcare professionals at WellSmiles , located near you in Houston, want to educate their patients, new and current, on the common breakages and the repairs to dentures.

The Common Breakages

The most common cause for the break or the fracture of a denture is a poor fit. If the upper and lower sets do not properly align, there will be too much pressure placed on one area rather than being evenly distributed.

Another common cause is the dentures being dropped, damaging either the teeth or the gum line portions of the appliance. If damage should occur to the metal clasps of a denture partial, then the devise should not be placed back into the mouth.

Fortunately, dentures and partials are made from materials that allow for repair rather than a full replacement.

The Time Factor

Over time, dentures will wear thin and will be prone to breaking. The worn teeth portion of the denture will lead to the uneven distribution of the forces and the pressures of biting and chewing. An imperfect alignment will negatively affect not only the denture appliance, but also the gums and the bone structure of the jaw.

The Approaches to Denture Repair

Dentures need to be relined, and this is considered a repair. The gums and the bone under the denture will naturally shrink over time until the fit needs to be reset. If this occurrence is caught early, the dentist can add back material to the denture to improve the fit.

This relining can be done in the dentist’s office if a large change is not required. Otherwise, the dentures need to be sent to a dental laboratory for relining.

Dentures and partials are made from an acrylic resin. This material is durable, comfortable, aesthetically pleasing and easily repaired.

How a Patient Can Help

It is advisable to have a towel under the dentures when they are being cleaned to avoid dropping onto the floor or into the sink. A denture wearer should periodically check the appliance for wear or fatigue and report these to the dentist before the problem worsens.

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