Dental Crowns in Houston, TX

A dental crown in Houston is a cover that is placed over an impaired tooth, a post or exposed portion of a dental implant. Typically, tooth crowns are crafted of strong porcelain for optimal durability.

Dental Crowns in Houston

At WellSmiles, each custom designed crown matches the color and shape of the natural tooth perfectly. Your Houston dentist uses the highest quality restorations to strengthen your weakened tooth and ensure your dental crown lasts for many years.

Reason for placing a tooth crown at WellSmiles:

  • Damaged or worn-down tooth
  • Large cavity
  • A missing tooth in need of a dental bridge
  • Root canal therapy
  • Discolored, stained, or misshaped tooth
  • Tooth replacement with a dental implant

Crowns at WellSmiles

Placement of a crown varies depending on the tooth replacement method or how a tooth is repaired. For most WellSmiles patients, a crown is used to fix a tooth with a cavity too large to be restored with filling material. Large dental fillings are at risk for fracture. The tooth preparation process involves the removal of the outer tooth structure and all decay. In cases where the tooth structure is damaged heavily by decay, it may need to be built up to support the tooth crown.

After our Houston dentist determines that a dental crown is the best option, an impression must be taken to create a model to be used to design the crown. A temporary restoration will then be placed on the affected tooth while the final crown is being made. Once completed, the temporary is removed and the final crown is fixed in place.

Digital Dental Impressions

At WellSmiles, we take digital dental impressions using a high-tech scanner.The modern digital process involves a more pleasant experience compared to the messy traditional method. In addition, the process produces instant results instead of waiting several days for the completed impression. Our custom-made dental crowns perfectly match the natural look of the rest of your teeth.

Same Day Dental Crowns

At our Houston dental office, same day dental crowns at WellSmiles can be milled at our in-house lab to minimize the number of visits and eliminate the need for a temporary crown. The completed dental crown will blend in with the rest of your teeth and no one will know you are wearing a dental crown.

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