Are You Wondering if You Need a Root Canal in Houston?

Are You Wondering if You Need a Root Canal in Houston?

Reading blogs can be very informative for those of you wanting to get additional information about preventative dentistry or new treatment options for dental therapy. And as much as we wish we could answer the title question of this blog here; the real answer is that it will depend on any number of factors that can only be determined by a dentist near you in Houston. But we can answer a few other questions surrounding root canal treatment. Keep reading to learn more!

That Little Twinge of Tooth Sensitivity May Be an Indicator

One of the reasons for a root canal in Houston is a sudden or unexplained sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures. This is a sign that the nerve of the tooth is damaged – most likely from decay, but this type of sensitivity can occur from other reasons.

Explaining the Treatment from a Dentist Near You in Houston

In its most basic terms, your dentist in Houston will remove the infected tissue inside your tooth that’s causing pain or sensitivity and replace it with medicine to treat and clear up the condition. Next, your tooth will be sealed and given time to heal with a temporary dental crown. Once the healing is completed, your dentist will receive a permanent dental crown to strengthen and protect the tooth for long-term durability. Keep in mind, however, that placement of a crown will vary depending on the tooth replacement method used by your root canal dentist in Houston, TX.

You Have Nothing to Fear with the Dental Wellness Advantage

Contrary to urban legend, root canals are not all that bad when it comes to pain or recovery. In fact, most patients find that the procedure helps to eliminate pain! And as far as recovery, many patients can resume their normal activities after their treatment. If you need a consultation for your tooth pain, then we encourage you to contact our WellSmiles team in today to set up your appointment. Don’t wait another day hoping that your dental pain in Houston will leave — our team is eager to help today!

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