3 Common Reasons for Tooth Removal

3 Common Reasons for Tooth Removal

At WellSmiles, we aim to preserve as many of your teeth as possible. However, there are times when a tooth will need to be extracted to keep further oral issues from developing. Getting a tooth extracted is often the last thing patients want, but extractions are commonly performed. Let’s explore three reasons patients may get a dental extraction in Houston, TX.

Severe Decay or Damage

When a tooth has been damaged by decay or trauma, there are times the tooth cannot be saved. Infection can reach the roots of teeth and make each day more painful than the last. If the infection is untreated, the tooth may compromise the health of surrounding teeth and tissues. Decay is much the same and can spread without dental intervention. Tooth extraction in Houston, TX, is highly recommended when the tooth cannot be saved, and an infection is present, as this could cause irreversible damage in the mouth.

Crowding or Surgery

Sometimes, a surgical procedure requires the mouth to have more room. This is often accomplished by tooth extraction, giving your dentist the space needed to perform the procedure safely and get precise results. Not having enough space can also result in overcrowding, which can lead to several oral health issues such as tilted teeth or a higher risk of developing decay in teeth.

Wisdom Teeth

Your wisdom teeth are located in the back of the mouth and often do not grow in until late adolescence or young adulthood. Not everyone will have wisdom teeth, but patients experiencing pain or discomfort due to their wisdom teeth may need to have one or more of them removed. Wisdom tooth removal is very common and often performed to relieve pain, reduce crowding, and get rid of infections.

Our team of caring dental professionals at WellSmiles has a goal of making sure your teeth stay healthy and remain in the mouth for a lifetime. You can avoid having a tooth removed by keeping up with a regular oral hygiene routine and visiting your dentist often. Schedule an appointment in our office for an exam and cleaning to make sure your teeth are healthy and clean.

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